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Drone filming in confined cities

The cities of France confined

To contain the spread of the COVID-19 disease throughout the national territory and limit the impact of the epidemic peak on the health system, this confinement requirement leads the population to restrict their movements to what is strictly necessary. City dwellers are therefore primarily at home. This unprecedented situation has the immediate consequence of literally emptying the city centers of vehicles which usually circulate in large numbers in the streets and arteries. On squares and sidewalks, pedestrians are rare and parks and gardens are deserted due to access restrictions.

Drone regulations during containment

The regulations on the use of drones in built-up areas have not changed since March 17 at 12 p.m., the date of the application of confinement. As before, only professionals are allowed to fly a drone in the city and respecting a number of rules.

The main requirements are:

  • The request for authorization from the prefecture and, if necessary, from the air navigation services.

  • Compliance with rules such as the prohibition of overflying people and the obligation to ensure that third parties are kept at a minimum safety distance of 10m.

The advantage of confined cities for the implementation of drones

It is still easier to secure a deserted place. The means to be implemented in order to ensure that no one will be flown over and that the drone will always be at a good distance from the public are naturally more sober and more flexible to deploy. We devote less human resources and less time to it. This allows us to carry out more flights to achieve more shots in a day. If public space is easier to control, places where access is prohibited are even easier to understand. This is particularly the case for enclosed areas such as schoolyards, public gardens, parks, stadiums and other sites that are commonly open access.

Administrative procedures

We currently have 3 projects to organize; 3 cities for which we must implement the production of aerial images.

BEAUVAIS in the Oise department and the towns of PANTIN and BONDY in Seine-Saint-Denis

In collaboration with the town halls, we established the list of places to be filmed, then we identified the locations from which we were going to take off and finally we identified the areas we were going to fly over. We also have plans to film Paris-Beauvais airport in Oise, where commercial activity is currently suspended. The authorization application files were therefore compiled and sent to the various prefectures. At the same time, we contacted the civil aviation services concerned by the airspaces penetrated.

Now we are waiting for the various lights to turn green to start the filming days.
drone dji inspire 2 in flight with its two parachutes

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to listen to you and advise you.


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