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Drone regulations applicable in France from 31/12/2020.

At DCOMDRONE, we carry out our activity as a drone operator and pilot mainly in Ile-de-France and very often in Paris (75). Our major concern is to carry out our aerial photography services by drone in strict compliance with the regulations.

aerial photography by drone in Paris by DCOMDRONE drone pilot France - Implementation of a third-party exclusion zone to protect local residents

During the year 2020 we carried out 10 services in Paris (75) and were checked 4 times. We have operated from stadiums, squares, high schools, parks, banks of the Seine and other places that allow a drone to take off and fly while respecting the regulations and in particular the minimum distance from third parties.

In 2012, France was the first European country to legislate on the professional use of drones. Since that date, several decrees have gradually been added to constitute, until today, a set of rules intended to govern the design, conditions of use and qualifications of remote pilots as well as the conditions for the integration of drones in the airspace. But from December 31, 2020, the brand new European regulations will replace the French regulations. However, it includes several deadlines, several dates, which allow a transition to these new rules because on January 1, 2021 all the material conditions will not be met. Provision is therefore made for a transitional arrangement over approximately 3 years.

To be in good standing and be able to continue exercising... Follow the GUIDE!

Guide des usages professionnels des aéronefs sans équipage à bord - Catégorie spécifique - Réglementation drone France

This guide is dedicated to the Specific category. It presents all the applicable rules, whether they come under French or European regulations. This guide is of interest to the user (operator or pilot) of civilian drones used within the framework of the Specific category. It specifies the obligations and the various formalities which apply. Another guide is dedicated to the Open category.

Only one thing to do before December 31, 2020?

Provided that you are, like us, operators and remote pilots of drones and that you observe the specific regulations for particular activities until the time and operate within the framework of the national standard scenarios S1, S2 and S3, you are just asked to register as a UAS operator (since the concept of civil drone operator is disappearing in favor of that of UAS operator). This process is done from the operator's account on the Alpha Tango site and allows you to be assigned a UAS operator registration number, a number that must be affixed to the drones you operate. Also note that the maximum flight height goes from 150m to 120m (as it already was in many European countries).

The professional drone pilot must have on him the documents which attest to his qualification, the approval of the drones he uses and the authorizations obtained to carry out his service. Police checkpoint in Paris, France
Police control during a drone shooting service in Paris

The administrative documents that you must carry with you during a drone service in urban areas.

3 entities are involved in a drone service. The operator, the remote pilot and the drone. It is therefore clearer to define all the documents to be presented during a police check by respecting this classification. To simplify, we deliberately combine the documents that concern the operator and the remote pilot because it is often the same person. In addition, there are also the specific documents and authorizations of the mission.

Operator and remote pilot

- ID - Declaration of UAS operator activity. - Special Activity Manual (which acts as MANEX until 2/12/2023) - RC Pro insurance certificate - Certificate of aptitude for remote pilot or CATT functions - Acknowledgment of receipt of the declaration of aerial photography activity


- Extract from the register of civil aircraft traveling without anyone on board - Certificate of conformity to the type - Type design certificate - Technical file and user manual

Mission-specific documents (to be adapted accordingly)

- Protocol with the Air Navigation Service - Flight Notification submitted to the prefecture - Overflight authorization for P zones - Authorization letter from the owner or manager of the overflown land

Aerial photo and video shooting by drone by DCOMDRONE drone pilot in Paris and the Paris region, France with a DJI Inspire2 Pro drone

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to listen to you and advise you.


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