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Why make a Showreel?

Editing and posting our latest showreel, intended to present our achievements in drone shots in Paris and Ile de France, gave us the idea of ​​reviewing the effectiveness of this digital communication tool for the image professionals that we are. Before talking specifically about the benefit of producing a showreel, it is useful to come back to the growing use of video on the Internet and its unavoidable interest for companies involved in digital marketing.

Today video accounts for over 80% of internet traffic and this percentage continues to grow; this is almost 100 times more than in 2005.

Taking the year 2005 as a reference is no coincidence.

2005 is the year of birth of YouTube and this platform is today the 2nd most used search engine on the Internet for information.

Discover the first video posted on YouTube by one of its creators J. Karim

In 2005, communicating by video is very rare due to the low speeds offered by the connections. But just a few months after its launch, the platform has already recorded 100 million views and sees 65,000 videos posted every day. Everything will accelerate very quickly. 2006 is the date of acquisition by Google. France saw the arrival of YouTube in 2007. Today, more than 80% of French people watch videos on the web and YouTube is well ahead of the platforms used by Internet users.

The definition of a showreel.

A showreel is a video montage lasting 1 to 3 minutes that often looks like a clip. For an audiovisual production company, a communication agency or any image professional, the showreel aims to present your expertise, your skills in a specific field. It will therefore consist of excerpts from your most significant achievements and representative of your know-how.

The showreel is in a way a CV but with an incomparable force since it gives to see and to note the richness and the quality of your productions. The proof by the image takes on its full meaning here.

Pay attention to the editing of your showreel.

Even if your editing remains restrained in its visual or graphic effects, the quality of your showreel, and therefore its impact and effectiveness, depends on the particular attention that you must pay to the choice of shots and sequences, to the order in which you mount them, to the rhythm, to the music that you are going to select. We can help you. Contact us :

Why is a showreel video effective?

Among all the possibilities available to you in terms of content marketing, video marketing is undoubtedly the best way to capture the attention of your prospects, make yourself known and effectively showcase your know-how. All content marketing professionals today have one word in their mouths: TRUST. It is this trust, once established, that generates a long-term business relationship.

Your showreel does not sell anything. This is its strength. It simply informs and exposes your values. You thus let people come to you, in confidence, because they will have discovered you and appreciated your know-how. Your showreel therefore naturally finds its place on your website.

Your showreel improves the SEO of your website.

Provided your showreel deserves it, it will play in full. And 3 minutes spent by a visitor on your site signals to search engines that it contains significant interest for the Internet user. So you have a much better chance of appearing on the first page on Google. I wrote above that Google (the most used search engine) had bought Youtube very early on … this should convince you of the interest you have in positioning your showreel on your website. Without going into details, you can also count on the explosion of video viewing on smartphones which can only increase your audience.

The showreel to communicate more effectively on the web.

It also carries your most shareable post on social media and will be liked, shared and commented on far more often than a post simply given to read. To spread your showreel widely on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn... host it on your YouTube channel. I also recommend that you revisit the editing of your showreel to offer shorter versions, adapted to these different platforms, which you will host next to your "long version" showreel.


If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to listen to you and advise you.


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